Notice for Coming to NAU


Dear students:

Congratulations to some of you who have already finished the 14-day medical observation outside of campus and is coming to Nanjing Audit University soon. You will have the next 7-day medical observation within the dormitory on campus.

In order to welcome you and guarantee your daily life necessity in NAU during medical observation. SIE works with other related departments and contributes a lot to make preparations beforehand. For each room, we have prepared pandemic prevention goods, daily life good (including toothbrush/toothpaste/soap/shampoo/body lotion in a plastic bag which is put near the kitchen pool), bedclothes , bread and water for you. We also made a Campus Guide for you to learn during the medical observation.

About the room arrangement: Attached document is the room arrangement for you. Please check and keep in mind the room you will reside. (Since students in the group are not able to arrive on campus for medical observation in the same batch, for the later coming students, you may need to move back with the roommate you choose after released from medical observation) .

About the room key: When you first reside in the apartment, the door will be open. After medical observation, you can get the room Key from A Yi in the apartment duty room. The deposit for getting the room key is 30 yuan.

About the air-conditioner remote control: The air-conditioner remote control will be put at your room when you reside, later after medical observation, A Yi will get your remote control deposit from you (60 yuan for each).

About wifi connection: SIE has set router in each room for you to get internet connection. You can follow the the wifi connection billboard in each room to trace the wifi account and password.

About everyday meals: Three meals will be provided by NAU canteen according to the meals taboos we collected. The price is 75 yuan/day ( breakfast 15 yuan; lunch and supper 30 yuan) Fruits and yoghourt or milk will be offered in the meals.

About health monitoring: Please use the thermometer in your room and take your body temperature twice everyday. Please report your body temperature twice everyday (before 9:00 a.m. and 14:00 p.m.) in the wechat group (only students who have arrived on campus and under medical observation). The medical staff will come to the door and do nucleic acid testing for you. (Time be informed later in the group)